BrailleTap is UDA’s first app, and will be available very soon.  It is a 3rd-party keyboard designed to make typing on a smartphone easier and faster for users of Braille.  It allows typing in Braille using one hand in both portrait and landscape orientations, and early testers are very happy with the experience.  We hope you will be as well.

Here’s a screenshot of the keyboard on a typing test screen from within the app.  The design is minimalist with as much space as possible available for typing.

Screen Shot showing keyboard and text entry field

For users who aren’t as familiar with Braille, the app also includes a fully-accessible list of the Braille alphabet.

Simulator Screen Shot 19 Apr 2017, 16.22.14


If you have any questions at all or need help using the app, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Finally, this is a third-party keyboard, and like all keyboards, will require your permission to run.  The keyboard will (obviously) have access to anything you type on it, but nothing you type will be stored or transmitted to UDA.  We take your privacy as seriously as we take our own.  You can read a copy of our privacy policy here: privacy-policy-brailletap